Julian_schools_picSailing Calendar for 2017 Launches

Whilst our Winter Refit gets underway, we are pleased to announce our 2017 season sailing calendar is drafted up!

This is by no means set in stone as it is a working document, you may find there are tweaks here and there as the season progresses. We have already started to receive booking from many organisations so get in touch soon to get your trip booked. We love to accommodate your group’s plans and ideas, so whether it be a Geography trip to look at the White Cliffs of Dover, a challenging character building voyage across the North Sea or a pilgrimage with a difference, we can help make it happen.

NEW 2017 Calendar 

You can get in touch by email or call us 0845 308 2323 to simply find out more or even book your individual berth, a number of berths, or the whole ship for your group.