Port of Registry

Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

Recognised UK port for the register of ships maintained by the UK Marine and Coastguard Agency

Length Overall

77 ft (23.2m)

Length overall is the maximum length of a vessel’s hull measured parallel to the waterline. This length is important while docking the ship

Waterline Length

66ft 9inch (20.1m)

A vessel’s waterline length is the length of a ship or boat at the level where it sits in the water. This measure is significant in determining several of a vessel’s properties, such as how much water it displaces, where the bow and stern waves occur, hull speed, amount of bottom-paint needed, etc. 

Total Length Over Spars

108ft 6inch (32.7m)

A sailing ships total length over spars or total spared length is the length of a ship including all spars and bowsprits etc. 

Maximum Beam

19ft 3inch (5.8m)

The maximum beam is the maximum width of a ship.

Draught aft

9ft 3inch (2.8m)

Draught is the vertical distance from the bottom of the keel to the waterline. The draught aft  is measured at the stern. Used mainly to determine the minimum water depth for safe passage of a vessel.

Draught forward

4ft 6inch (1.4m)

Draught is the vertical distance from the bottom of the keel to the waterline. The draught forward is measured at the bow.


100 tons

Displacement or displacement tonnage is the weight of water that a ship pushes aside when it is floating, which in turn is the weight of a ship (and its contents). It is usually applied to naval vessels rather than commercial ones, and is measured when the ship’s fuel tanks are full and all stores are aboard.

Gross Registered Tonnage


Gross register tonnage, is a ship’s total internal volume expressed in “register tons”, each of which is equal to 100 cubic feet (2.83 m3). Gross register tonnage uses the total permanently enclosed capacity of the vessel as its basis for volume. Gross register tonnage is not a measure of the ship’s weight or displacement.

Net Registered Tonnage


Net register tonnage  subtracts the volume of spaces not available for carrying cargo, such as engine rooms, fuel tanks and crew quarters, from gross register tonnage. It indicates the cargo carrying capacity of a ship. 

Air Draught

78 ft (23.5m)

Air draught is the distance from the surface of the water to the highest point on a vessel.  It is critical to safely passing under bridges.

Working Sail Area

2700 sq ft

Maximum Sail Area

3400 sq ft


Originally 5, now 17 inc 12 guests


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