As it has been necessary to postpone both our major Centenary celebrations this year due to Covid, we are busy re-scheduling the Gala Dinner at Somerleyton Hall and the International Smack Race off Lowestoft Ness to take place next year.

We will be holding the Gala Dinner at Somerleyton Hall, as guests of The Excelsior Trust’s President, The Lord Somerleyton.  A date will be announced as soon as possible. The Smack Race has been re-arranged for Saturday 30th July 2022 and invitations have been sent out to as many historic Smacks in Scandinavia, Europe and the United Kingdom as possible.

The race will take place off Lowestoft Ness and East Suffolk Council and Lowestoft Town Council are organising an exciting shoreline maritime festival for visitors viewing the historic vessels out to sea. Further details of both events can be found in later editions of our Newsletter and on the website.