During April 2018 we say farewell and the best of luck to our First Mate Karol Petryka.

Karol joined us back in 2015 as Bosun, before quickly filling the role of First Mate by the end of that season. His skills on the Fore deck have been welcome, and with the crew naming him as a legend within his own lifetime, he will be missed.

His legendary catch phrase “nobody said it was going to be a holiday” will no doubt continue to be heard for many more years above and below deck, but we are pleased to say that Excelsior will not be leaving Karol’s life entirely. We are hoping, that the call of the sea may strike once in a while, where Karol can take on some of the relief Skippering work required throughout the season when our Skipper has the audacity to take a weeks leave.

So it is so long, for now, and we all at Excelsior wish you Karol the very best of luck in your next steps.

P.S. Please bring Skipper (the pup) with you when you visit!