15 – 05 – 2018

As one of the UK’s top 60 most historic ships, Excelsior likes to get about and be seen.

This week we hopped across to the Oostende Voor Anker festival in Oostende to join this great gathering of over 140 vessels.

We were joined with our adult charters, a mix of friends and individuals who worked great together with our crew in sailing Excelsior from her Home Port in Lowestoft to Oostende for the festival.

Whilst there the voyage crew were able to take part in the array of events and look around all the other vessels who were taking part, as well as be the proud crew of Excelsior where she was hosting her own Open Ship for the weekend.

Upon the voyage home to Lowestoft, strong Northerlies meant our fantastic Skipper chose to give the voyage crew a bit of a rest to wait for the gap in the wind, stopping at anchor for the day just off the coast of Suffolk, capturing some fantastic sunsets along the way.

This voyage with Excelsior, from the East Coast gives you the true feeling of freedom when at sea, the peaceful calm sea, and big beautiful skies means that you do truly get away from it all.

Below, our on board camera crew (the lovely First Mate Barbara) captured some of the weeks activities.

If a voyage with Excelsior appeals to you, you can choose your trip by looking through our Sailing Calendar. If you’d like to discuss sailing options, you can also get in touch by emailing us.