The 2015 Crew

Meet the crew of 2015! You can also see the 2016 & 2017 crews.

Skipper – Gavin Taylor

Gavin comes from a naval family but, despite having started a career in the hotel industry, felt the call of the sea was too great. Having worked through the many qualifications needed, he became skipper of the classic yacht Duet. He has been Excelsior’s skipper for the last two years and now knows how to get the best out of her. He is also a Yachtmaster Instructor so he can help those who are working towards their RYA qualifications.


Mate – Emma Burgess

Emma has her Day Skipper ticket and is an experienced blue-water sailor. She likes to keep extra fit by doing a quick cross-country run whenever Excelsior is in port.


Boatswain – Karol Petryka

Karol trained in the world’s largest tall ships but now that he has settled in Suffolk he wants to put his energies into East Anglia’s very own sail training ship.

Trainee Boatswain – Gabriel Clarke

Gabriel came to Excelsior to draw upon the experience of the crew and because Excelsior is one of Britain’s most authentic historic sailing vessels where we try to perpetuate a great range of the traditional skills.