Corporate and Adult Group Charters

Food on ExcelsiorA unique opportunity for deeper thinking, team building and raising communication skills within a group or workforce, or even a different setting for a meeting with clients.

The environment on board Excelsior is ideal for breaking down communication barriers and building team spirit; people can be as hands on as they want to while still having time to relax and talk. We often anchor or moor near a restaurant for lunch giving ample opportunity for reflection before setting sail again.

For team building and employee development a longer voyage is recommended as this will give time for traditional barriers to be broken down and new habits explored. Offering maximum return on your investment, Excelsior offers a unique experience for all.

Why does it work?
Outdoor education is proven to improve work in the classroom and the office. There are a huge selection of experiences available to this effect but Excelsior can offer a deeper and more beneficial experience than most. Not only do we deliver an intense team-building experience but we also take time out to reflect on the voyage and formulate how to take the strengths learned into business and home life.

We use a coaching ethos aboard that has been developed from professional business and leadership coaching, which we feel allows people to gain the most from their time on the ship. This can be incorporated into your existing coaching program or as a standalone introduction. Once the lines are cast off there is no backing out and if anyone does not give their best it rapidly becomes evident, giving the opportunity to tackle any problems.

We’re very flexible regarding corporate days and can tailor your sail to suit requirements. What’s more, as we can accommodate up to 20 people on a day sail or a larger number in harbour, we’re able to cater for both large and small businesses who want something more than classroom-based development days allow.

Day sails cost from just £75 per person including lunch and refreshments.

More Information

To book a corporate sailing day onboard Excelsior or to discuss your requirements, please telephone: 0845 308 2323 or email: