Youth and Duke of Edinburgh


Would you would like to join a voyage aimed specifically at your age group? We do  run voyages each year for young individuals. These are usually  primarily aimed at 16+  and we occasionally run voyages aimed at 14+.

As a Duke of Edinbrough Award Approved Activity Provider these voyages are also great for young people looking to complete there D of E Gold Residential Awards.

piers-colby-doe-picIf you are working towards your Gold Award you can now take the 5 Day Residential Section on board our fine ship, sharing challenges and making decisions with new people from a variety of different backgrounds.

This team-based residential setting will broaden your horizons and encourage you to make a significant difference whilst giving you all the excitement that sailing a traditional wooden ship provides.

We will be offering various dates for DofE participants in 2020.

The cost includes food, safety equipment and waterproofs. 

Contact us at or telephone 0845 308 2323

Through completing the Residential section you will:

• Meet people
• Develop the confidence to thrive in an unfamiliar environment
• Build new relationships and show concern for others
• Work as part of a team towards shared goals
• Accept responsibility for themselves and others
• Develop communication skills and effective coping mechanisms
• Develop respect and understanding for others
• Show initiative
• Develop the skills and attitudes to live and work with others

In cases of hardship we may be able to assist you to raise a bursary towards the cost of your residential.


“Sailing was not for me before July 2015. But now, I would recommend it to anybody. Before exposing myself to the world of the sea, it came naturally to me to take for granted everyday essentials, until I went on the Excelsior. Heads, port side, starboard, these were only just a handful of the new lingo we had to learn. We began our journey from Lowestoft on the Monday, making our way over to Holland, taking 27 hours with lack of sleep and abundance of ginger nuts! Split up into watch teams, sharing around the chores and watches which needed to be done. 12pm-3am, this was the best watch possible, the beautiful moon reflecting down onto the North Sea creating a sheet of glass for us to sail across, whilst steering the tiller in the forward direction. When arriving, we took the sails down by sweat and tailing the halyard. The journey home was the scariest but most fun. With storm gales of 6-8 we powered through, with topsy-turvy bellies. We connected our life lines and continued through the storm–hair-blowing was not the word. Imagine a pirate ship at a theme park and then times the thrill by 100, that was the feeling.  Although at the time we found it hard, now looking back, it allowed us all to gain experience that no one else has or will ever obtain if they do not expose themselves to such a thrill. Overall, this was an experience which I will never forget, no matter what.”   Chloe, Norfolk