Heritage Sailing Experiences

Our Heritage Sailing Experience Days are a great way to get a taste of life onboard one of the nation’s most historic ships. Setting out from Lowestoft or Ipswich you’ll get hands-on and join in with raising the sails, hoisting out the bowsprit and taking the tiller with our experienced crew guiding you. If sailing isn’t your thing then take a seat and enjoy the sights and sounds of this historic vessel.

Tea, coffee and squash are provided throughout the day.

Sailing from Ipswich: You’ll enjoy a day on the river, getting to grips with sailing Excelsior whilst surrounded by beautiful landscape before heading out past Felixstowe for a quick burst at sea.

Sailing from Lowestoft: Leaving from the Heritage Quay by South Pier, you’ll head straight out to sea. On windy days this makes for an exciting sail for both novices and experienced sailors alike!

You can now book our Heritage Sailing Experiences online! View the calendar below, select your chosen date and how many people you’d like to book for.

Online booking allows you to:

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Please contact us on 0845 3082323 with any questions before booking or if you have a gift voucher or reward to redeem.