Our Sailing Voyages

Our sailing voyages are suitable for ages 14 years and up. We specialise in providing sail training to young people, but to help subsidise this, we offer some unique sailing experiences to adults and individuals for a holiday of a lifetime.

Throughout the year we sail round the coasts of the UK and northern Europe, taking part in various Sail training events such as the Tall Ships Races and Regattas including:

  • Belgium, the Baltic and Norway
  • Holland, Brittany, Normandy and the Channel Islands
  • The south coast, Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

To assist young people (under 25’s) in accessing these life changing voyages, whether it be as a group or an individual we have a number of route to access financial support, whether it be through ASTO’s Hammond Innes Bursary, our own Bursary Fund or outside organisation such as the Norfolk Boat. We strive to ensure than no young person is prevented from such an experience. To find out more see our Funding Page.

We specialise in sailing holidays for individuals who wish to book-by-berth for voyages that take in events like maritime festivals and regattas. For those who would like more of a taster experience, we also offer weekend breaks and day sails.

Whilst on board, guests will learn all that is required to navigate and explore the coast in one of the nation’s 60 most important historic ships.

What you can expect

Sailing HolidaysThe group plan each day with the Skipper before Excelsior sets out on her journey.

Once the ship is set up and on its way the watch system starts; the on-watch take turns on the helm and are taught how to steer by compass, wind, sea and points of reference. Any sail-handling is also done by the on-watch. The importance of looking-out is explained and what to look for. The off-watch may be preparing food at this point or cleaning or chilling out or sleeping, though if they would like to help out on the deck watch duties they are almost always welcome! Watches are normally 3 hours long then rotate and there are normally 3 watches with a crew member as watch leader.

As Excelsior nears the evening’s destination it is all hands on deck for dropping sail and preparing warps or anchor. Once secured there is a group discussion on what the majority would like to do. There will often be the opportunity to eat in restaurants onshore or in more remote places you may even decide to have a beach barbeque.

There will be hard work involved when you sail onboard Excelsior, not to mention mundane tasks such as washing up and deck scrubbing, but the experience will be one you carry with you forever!

The skipper and his crew will ensure you have a superb time onboard Excelsior. We have an exceptional safety record so you can rest assured that whether you or a member of your family is sailing with us, passenger care is paramount at all times.

Interested? Contact us on 0845 3082323 or email sailing@excelsiortrust.co.uk for more information and to book.