Here we will share the progress of our Winter Refit.

To date we have achieved the following:-

  • Slipped – 6th November 2017

Excelsior on the slips 6th november

  • Stripped the hull and received the timer
  • timber delivered for plank and bowspirt 16 november 2017

  • Removed the four sections of rotten plank
  • old plank out 16 november 2017

    old plank out 16 november 2017

    old planks out 20 november 2017

    old plank out 20 November 2017

  • Made the new plank
  • making the plank 20 nnovember

    making the plank 20 november 2017

    making the plank 20 november

  • Replaced with a shiny new 24ft plank
  • Caulked up
  • Pitched up
  • Primed the whole underside of her
  • All the cutting in for the Antifoul
  • Made a start on the Antifoul coating
  • Excelsior painty 28th November

    Painting our lady’s under carriage 28th November 2017

  • Plus 100 other little things that us in the office are blissfully unaware of because of our wonderful crew taking it all on and doing such a fantastic job.

More updates to come as we progress – over and out November 29th.