It with great sadness that Excelsior and her crew learnt of the loss of Dominic Dowsey-Magog this week.

Dominic was a fantastic Shanty Singer, and great supporter of Excelsior and friend to her crew. His talent has been enjoyed by many across not only the UK, but throughout, taking part in many different festivals over the years.

A keen biker, Dominic made our day when we found out he had won a brand new Motorbike just after his stay with us in 2016, trading it in for one more to his liking, he was a welcome sight during festivals, and was even kind enough to join the crew just a couple of weeks ago to send off Karol our First Mate who is leaving his post.

We are all very grateful that we knew Dominic, an incredibly friendly and easy going guy, any time his name was mentioned everyone would lift, ever so slightly, at the apprehension that his presence, you knew, would make any event better.