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Traditional Skills Day : Ropes and Sails

AS part of our three traditional skills days, join  our crew to learn about traditional ropework skills and maintenance of sails

0900 Tour of Excelsior and the collection of other boats in our covered maintenance area

1000 Basic Knowledge about rigging, types of ropes and wires used in traditional sailing

1100 School of knots and splicing

1200 Lunch Break

1300 Repairing heavy canvas sails, basic sailmaking, traditional ropework

1600 Outdoor activity and survival skills development

1900 Dinner, crew and guest evening gathering

The fee for the day Includes overnight accommodation and breakfast aboard the boat.

You may book this day on its own or in combination with our other traditional skills days.

£95 per person– 12 Berths available. 

WHAT TO BRING– Bring work clothes, overalls and stout shoes/boots that you dont mind getting dirty. You will also need to bring a sleeeping bag and pillow for your overnight stay.

BOOKING NOW– Email sailing@excelsiortrust.co.uk to reserve your place

Have a question? get in touch, you can call us on 0845 308 2323 or email sailing@excelsiortrust.co.uk 


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