Excelsior Galley

Excelsior galley

Ship’s Husband


Are you local and have a desire to assist one of the East’s most inspiring charities?

The Ship’s Husband role have changed for the trust over the years since the employment of the trust administrator who has taken on some of the remote tasks working with our customers. However we could really use a hand with some of the day to day tasks of running our wonderful vessel.

  • Assisting  with victualling, and in conjunction with the Marine Superintendent supplying any spare parts required
  • Keeping track of voyage related invoices and passing them to the office for payment
  • Maintaining a register of relief crew including photocopies of their qualifications, their contact details, dates of birth, and next of kin’s contact details
  • In conjunction with the skipper, helping to maintain the crew manning/relief calendar
  • Keeping the ship’s monthly Maintenance Returns and copying then to the Marine Superintendent
  • General maintenance during the winter where possible to help and support the crew.
  • Be a local point of contact to help and support the crew with the collection and delivery or orders

Interested? Email: marketing@excelsiortrust.co.uk .