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Lysekil – Stavanger 182206/6

Baltic Getaway Join us for more scenic sailing following the Smack festival, with a jaunt across the Skaggerak, making our way to Stavanger from Lysekil, taking in some of the beautiful Norwegian Fjords along the way, before completing your voyage in Stavanger, again with super convenient transfers with the Airport close by. Friday 22nd to Friday 29th June 2018  [...]

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Gothenburg to Lysekil via Gullholmen Smack Festival 181506/6

Swedish Smack Festival Join us for some great Swedish maritime celebrations with some beautiful scenery along the way exploring some of the islands and the great west coast of Sweden in gentler Inland seas. Starting in Gothenburg – the largest port of the Nordic Countries you will join our crew in sailing Excelsior to join [...]

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Lowestoft – Copenhagen – via the Kiel Canal – 180106/6

North Sea Crossing Experience the challenge of the North Sea, taking over two days to cross going straight into a watch system. Via the Kiel Canal, enjoy the picturesque canal system into the more sheltered Baltic, sail up to Copenhagen. Possibility of stopping in Kiel for a few hours shopping or exploring is also an [...]

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Lowestoft – Holland – Lowestoft 182305/6

With the challenge of crossing the North Sea, entering into a full ships watch system you will sail into the Ijsselmeer and the Markermerr, you may also have the opportunity of topping off at the Texel Island and various others to explore. Sailing past Amsterdam, taking in Enkhuizen to embark on the 24 hours voyage [...]

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Lowestoft to Lowestoft – via Ostend at Anchor 2018 180905/6

North Sea Sailing AND Maritime Festival With our prominent Eastern position Excelsior is well placed for the voyage south to Ostend, and what better time to sail to Ostend, than to join and be a part of their annual Maritime festival Oostende Voor Anker! More details from the host below. Key details are:- Embark:- Lowestoft - 12pm(TBC), Wednesday 9th [...]

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