Under 25’s & School / Youth Groups

Providing sail training for groups since 1989 we have fine-tuned a learning resource to compliment the work we do on board. Making it even easier for teachers to book a week long voyage with us.

A trip on Excelsior enables groups of young people to experience the challenge and adventure of life at sea.

When it comes to building self-esteem and self-reliance, youth workers have said that they can often achieve more in a week at sea on Excelsior than they could in a month ashore. As well as offering all the benefits that outdoor learning offers, Excelsior’s charters for young people present a unique and fun environment in which to draw out talent, unlock confidence and encourage participants to think about those around them.

Through daily watch changes, everyone on board will be required to take part in all the tasks necessary for the safe operation of the ship, ensuring that both the menial work and enjoyable jobs are experienced by all. Domestic duties, such as cooking and cleaning, are also undertaken by the groups on board, providing a comparison between home life and life on ship.

Every sail is different and it is this unpredictability and shared experience that can bring group members together. Read about one group’s experiences here.

Educational Resource Pack

The Trust has recently commissioned a fantastic educational resource – a Personal Social Education scheme of work aimed at Year 9 but easily adapted for other ages and also for Curriculum Enhancement days. It seeks to develop personal development, self awareness, self reliance, teamwork and leadership. It does so by suggesting an on board scenario and then relating it to a parallel family, school, or society scenario.

For a sample of this resource click here.

For groups that may require funding assistance, contact us for more information.

To make a booking or to discuss your needs, please telephone: 0845 308 2323 or email: sailing@excelsiortrust.co.uk

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