Coming on a Voyage with Excelsior? Don’t know what to bring?

Well, look no further than here, along with the great kit list that we provide everyone when you book below is a little breakdown of some handy tips from the team and previous voyage crew who have been in your position before.

Top Tips!

“Don’t bring your best stuff! – Excelsior is a working ship, she is old and traditionally built, therefore anything that moves is going to be greased (usually Tallow) and everything that is black is going to come off on you (Pitch/Tar/Diesel/Soot).”

“You don’t need a change of clothes for every day – Your kit bag will be too heavy, and you won’t use half of it any way, aim for a couple of changes and a spare set.”

“Excelsior is a working ship, she can be slippery on deck when wet, good gripping waterproof walking boots or deck shoes/ sailing boots combo are great, a pair of trainers and a pair wellies can also be a great combo – It can be good to have a spare set for when something gets wet. Sandals are not often ever a good choice on board!”

“Don’t bring a hairdryer – Excelsior doesn’t have anywhere to plug a hairdryer whilst off shore, we will always make a stop or two into a marina which usually has nice hot showers and usually a dryer of some form – the natural look will suit you, we promise!”

“Bring warm clothes! – It may be warm locally, but when you get out into the North Sea it can be a very different story – there are legends out there that our Skipper Gavin doesn’t have a torso the same as everyone else, he is just layers of jumpers and yet more jumpers!”

“Copy the crew – if you see the Skipper go below and get his wet weather gear on, go do the same,  you’ll be glad you did.”

Have you sailed with us before? share with us your top tip, or if you’ve scheduled for a trip ask us a question, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch or call 0845 308 2323 or even get in touch via Facebook / Twitter.

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Happy Sailing!